The Currency of Gratitude


ThankYouToken Wants to Acknowledge Kindness

ThankYouToken Wants to Acknowledge Kindness

Earlier this year, my husband and I undertook a bold initiative we called ThankYouToken. It was a little project with a big heart! We were on a mission to promote kindness by providing a means for people to show gratitude for kindnesses they experienced or […]

ThankYouToken: Transformed but Never Forgotten

I’ve consciously avoided writing this post because to write it would force me to confront the reality that our ThankYouToken Kickstarter campaign did not get funded. But alas, as I write this, we have entered the final 100 minutes of the campaign and are nowhere […]

Please, For the Love of Ourselves, Let’s Hold On To Our Humanity!

…people, it’s all we’ve got. Here we are, entrenched in yet another contentious day, politically, socially, emotionally. We are a world running on raw nerves these days. So often we’re triggered (by events, attitudes, actions…) to switch off the essential qualities that make us human: […]

The Cure for What Ails Us

I came across this article on this week: How to Raise Grateful Kids in an Era of Thankless People. I read it with great enthusiasm, as it brings up one of the core issues ThankYouTokens is addressing in a very tangible way. I’ll wait […]

Grateful Words: Ren

From time to time, we are reminded, quite serendipitously, that there are so many words throughout this wonderful world that express sentiments of gratitude. Here’s one now… Via Wikipedia: Ren (Chinese: 仁) is the Confucian virtue denoting the good feeling a virtuous human experiences when being altruistic. Ren is exemplified by a […]